Donate To the Server.

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Donate To the Server.

Post  axeblade346 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:34 pm

Thanks for wanting to donate to the Halfmonty SMP servers! Here's the link:

Donate Site

Please just simply email your username to ensure I know who to give the rewards to

small donation $2: earns you a name color change and name prefix (ex. Sexy-Halfmonty)

Medium donation $5: Earns you a protection zone for your personal house and belongings.

Large Donation $10: Reserved slot, never be kicked off again, though this is a monthly cost, I do not have a subscription set up at this time.

Choose your donation amount: Pick any amount you like, if its 20 or more, god bless you and you will get a chance to have access to the cuboid building commands. These allow you to build large structures very quickly. If a donation that large occurs, we will meet in game and discuss the cuboid situation.

Message to Half Monty: - Edit your Shipping Instruction to Verify the Names - it will be asked in Donate.

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