Axe's Thread. Tutorials and stuff.

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Axe's Thread. Tutorials and stuff.

Post  axeblade346 on Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:50 am

This is for all on the Halfmonty Server.
All others may use it and view them in working order on
All images are digitally and image overlay marked for copy right protection. (Yes there is a faint photo over the cross air of me)
If you like these please Donate towards keeping me online (THIS IS NOT A SERVER DONATION)
<= $0.5 will be for thanks
>= $1 and I will Help you build
>= $2 I will build a Water Elevator for you

In the Special Shipping Details Please Put your -- HMBT and your In Game Name.

My monthly internet bill is R498 or +- $50. (and I am Unemployed ATM sao on +- 12 hours a day)

Donate to Help keep me Online..not the server

Want to seem a HELPFULL spawn come check out Halfmonty’s tutorial spawn. If you have any Question afterward about Hey0 or Runecraft just read the SIGNS again. (Runecraft tutorial is Under Development and will soon be Done) – Donate to the Server at
[url] [/url]
Of lets Start of with a Few Basics.

Any torch breaks sand blocks (yellowish sea sand)
So to Make a Very Nice and Easy destroyable Tower to stand on for building
Place a Torch under a glass Block
and build a sand tower - To move Around in the Air you can Use leaves (higher ranks only) as the destroy themselves if loose from a STUMP or clipping a SOLID block.
When done just destroy the glass box. Ladders attached to it will also be destroyed into miniblocks
Demo near /warp cfarm and /warp wltutorial

Sign and reeds block the flow of water and lets you move thru them
Ladder also blocks water but will move you upwards if you press W towards them.

Water Ladders (idea by ?? - its been used so many times)
WAY faster Than ladders can even beat a Water Elevator on short distances

Using Signs and ICE/water from buckets (/kit Winter or /item 79 64)
The Biggest thing here is you must now where SOUTH is as you will make holes in the South wall and place water in it , Waters Clipping toward the north is bugged and we are gonna use it.

Basic idea is in each 2nd block of your south wall make a tunnel of min 2 block or max 7. Place water or ice at the FAR end and a sign in the hole you want to climb up in.

Break the ice and let the water flow

At the bottem and Top place a water tile ontop of a sign in the hole to slow the user down -- also works for a mid way stop UPwards.

There is A Working one on the server at /warp wltutorial under my house into it, with a midway stoppoint. The one in the pictures are at the back of /warp cfarm

To use it look at the water and swim up (space + W)

"Air Breaks" slow down a near fatal fall from uphigh - tested in SP - 0 damage in a 107 block fall at 3 breaks.

Basically based from a Bad waterlader MOD I was busy with (wanted more Speed)
Water Breaks Any fall but can drown you. So Basically Break the Fall with 1 block of water and stop the water from flowing with signs and any solid Block to give air.
The Max size is 2xANY. Max breaks you will need is +-3 +1 water at the bottom.

This is Used all over the Map (I have made 5 so far - Main one is the Plank from Spawn onto Terra Firma.

The one in pics is at /warp PTA (prototype testing area - ITS ON THE BOTTEM OF THE MAP IMAGE +- 600 blocks from spawn)

Mail Sorter - a way to get blocks without /tp or /item (aimed at Vanilla servers)

I have noticed that miniblocks (mined blocks not picked up or thrown down) don`t despawn while Moving for at least 4 hours on a extremely LONG one in SP - normal despawn is +-5mins
Same rule applies to SMP for at least 40mins

You can just use a water flow that stacks down , but that is 1 water for each end point and it is slow due to it stopping for about 4 seconds at each drop.

– Split at each Full Sign

Basically make a line for a water flow and block the sides of. at 8 blocks from water point (max water is flow Cool make a hole and put a sign on the side wall - spit it in 2 and repeat to the sides
You will need to work in qty's of 2 -- 1,2,4,6,8,10,12....
Now place a Sign at each split point above the holes (2 signs on top of each other). Place the MAIN water block and let it flow Delete the sign you want the water to flow to. Test it by dropping a few miniblocks into it.

You can now extend the endpoints to each place you want one. Max distance away from endpoint in the sorter is worked out at [(Height of MAP - {Height from water block
- height of split point}) / 3 x 6] + 1

Speed is +- 90secs per 50 blocks (its SLOW but it works and no need to WALK all over)

On the Server there is a one line one from /warp Cfarm to my house
and the splitter is at /warp PTA Both are in Pics.

Still to come

How to make a macro Script to spam a certain /item or /kit on command via AutoMacro recorder
And my little App for /item or (any give command with {command name} {item ID} {amount} {playername as an optional} as it stucture - just need to get type timing correct 10ms is too fast, 50ms way to slow - I want it almost insant)

And Here is the Hey0 Prefix “bug” we use for Name Tags per USER – It is Being Used ALL over the Place but only a few know how. This overwrites the Group.txt “bug” per user.
We ask $1 for it on the server as a Donation reward.
/modify must be used so if you don’t have it SORRY.
The command is /modify {FULNAME} prefix {colorcode}{Prefix message}
Exp, /modify axeblade346 prefix cMOD_RZA_
Will make all my chat messages in light red and my name in em will be MOD_RZA_axeblade346.
I am still testing all weird chars like $ and & via a macro altkey typer (it passes a non ALT+32 altkeycode for escape and it show up as !5!).
The Prefix message length = Max typing length – Name length – 16.
It has NO effect on your /who are /kick name. Its just a Message MOD.

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