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Ventrilo Info

Post  axeblade346 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:53 am

This Server has Ventrilo now.

What is Ventrilo:
Ventrilo is a Chat program (think Skype with no Video) and many people can talk at once (mine crash at 50+, some can handle 200+, With multi-servers you can go up to 1000+ -- each channel runs on it own server).
There are Diffrent channels you can talk in , and most even have AFK timers to move you to a Muted AFK channel.
You can use MIC, typing or even text-to-speech.

Ventilo server is running on:
name: or IP:
port: 7947
Password: Ask us in Ingame

Basic Ventrilo Setup
Download it From -
Install the client.

Open it.

Click on settings
On all the tabs enable Direct Sound if your running Vista or Windows 7 (or anything that might be newer is 10 years)
In events Click ALL TTS
In Voice click in Hotkey and then press your HOLD TO TALK BUTTON - I Remond controll or mouse 4/5.
there is a Test button to test your Volume of the mic and speakers. - next to it is a BOOST slider.
Click apply and Ok if your done

next to username there is and -> click it , new and type in your name.
Now comes the Fun part Text to speach (CALL YOUR GRAMMER TEACHER)
in the Phonectic part type your name in pronantion spaces - axeblade346 comes axe blade 3 4 6
and Press play to listen to it (the server will say "axe blade three four six , has connected." to the others on it)
Click Ok when done

Now click on this link and see if it works in adding a name to the servers
If it does skip to password part after you click server.
If it doesn't.
Click on server , then new , give this server a name.
In Hostname or IP type in : or
in Port type in: 7947
FOR THE PASSWORD , ask us In game - hate Spammers on vent: type it in
click ok and then check for MSG: server is Available. press connect. If that is There press connect and youn in.

Your can left click to move to a channel. there are a Few things in Right Click too (Like User:Mute and Send Page - pokes him , Even a integration to media player/winamp/itunes to tell the people what music is playing on your PC)

Chat has TTS support - so they type you hear it.

Thats the basics - ask me in game if you need help - I can even take control of your PC if needs be (teamviewer).

axeblade346 in game - time on GMT+2 08:00 till 22:00 even later on weekends (I am a very flexible sleeper and Unemployed ATM)

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