Help.... Via taking control of my PC

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Help.... Via taking control of my PC

Post  axeblade346 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:11 am

To all the MC gamers on this forum
If you have any problems that can't be solved via just chatting it is possible for me and even you guys to take control of some else's PC. Note That although your PC "name" stays the same the Password will keep on Changing so it is Relatively save if you can trust the guys at the other end for the 1 time connection

I am Able to do it too so if you need help ask me in game and /msg me the name and pass

How to Client side (to be Controlled):
Go to and download it..

Run it and there will be an ID (that is your pc's Name - it stays the same) and the Password (it changes Daily / or every time you launch team viewer)

Tell the ID and Pass to the Controller

How to Controller Side:
Download Teamviewer

Run it and on the Right type in the Clients's ID , check the Remote support Radio Button - Connect to Partner and then type in the pass.

IT is a very Good Idea to close ALL games / Video's / Pictures before Doing This on Both Sides. Teamviewer might temp. disable to background and in Windows the Aero Effects (it ups the speed , by making the image info less)

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